Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Disney Nectarine

This morning I noticed something. The little nectarine I had brought to work for breakfast was a Disney Nectarine from the Disney Gardens. A couple things popped in my head:

1. Did one of the Disney creatures plant the tree that produced my fruit? I wish I could be there to see that.

2. After I eat this piece of genetically altered fruit, put on this earth by alien robots, will I start growing hair from my ears and walk with a limp? Will a baby alien live in my stomach until It Is Time? And when It Is Time, will it drill it's way out of my body, make a big mess and horrify my office mates? I'm sure it would happen during regular business hours.

Only time will tell.
Okay, just found out with the help of my cousin that the fruit is made in the Imagination farms.
I guess children won't eat fruit unless there is a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. As for me, I won't eat fruit unless it has fruit on it. I know, it's weird but I won't.