Thursday, June 30, 2005

These are pictures for "Brutal Honesty" that were thrown to the cutting room floor.
(The next one by the way is July 20 at Otto's Shrunken Head.)

I think this one is my favorite:

Another one:

Earlier that night (somewhere at a singles mixer...I can explain that some other time):

Tony Carnevale doing his impression of Alan Fessenden:

Overall I give the evening 4 stars out a possible 5, and in my book, that's pretty dandy.

Monday, June 27, 2005

(this photo was taken last year in beautiful Seattle, WA by my Best in Show friend, Crystal Curtis.)

This week, no hollas. I think it's because I've taken to more modesty, less skin. More cloth, less clevage. America could learn from me. America, pay attention. We could all take a lesson from Sister Wendy. We could be nuns.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

something from a couple days ago and also today

I need to catch you up on my non holla-ing news.

Two days ago while walking from the bus to the subway, I was in my own world listening to my ipod. I don't know what I was listening to. I think it was the Velvet Underground (is that lame to admit?) because I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and almost got hit by one car and then almost got hit by another huge huge yellow suv thing. I was very frightened, but I still got a coffee (an iced americano).
Does that count as a holla?

Yesterday, I didn't really leave the house. Kinda.

Today, in the deli, this one man in a blue polo and baseball hat said, "Hey Mami" while I went to pay for my gross egg and cheese on a roll.

holla count in the last three days: 2
outfits: Day 1: grey tshirt and black shorts
Day 2: black dress and navy hoodie
gross egg sandwiches: 1

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Show show

Thursday, June 16
Opening for Wiener Philharmonic
Juvie Hall


Saturday, June 18
MCC (finally) Has His Way (with Women)
An Evening of Comedy
Admission: $10
(for info & directions)

Becky & Noelle, Desiree Burch, Pat Candaras, Nancy Giles, Rachael Parenta, Jennie Smith, and Becky Yamamoto as "Rosie Mc Davis"
The Proceeds of this evening will be donated to:
The Emerson College Nicole duFresne Memorial Scholarship Fund

Monday, June 13, 2005

an experiment

So today while eating cheesesteaks with my friend Tony Carnevale, he asked if I got any comments from men on my way there, and in fact I had--two. Every woman in New York knows what I'm saying (sisters?-ew i'm lame).
I attract the hot ones.
One man who was a construction dude in a stylish but casual working vest asked how I was with a swagger and a wink. Another man sitting hotly in his sweat stained whitish t-shirt on a drain pipe leaning in his corner said "(kissing noise)".
On my way back to my office from lunch one chubstery man in a red polo shirt "psst"ed at me.
I don't think it's because I'm hottt stuff, I think it's just how summer works. The tank tops come on, and the morals go out the window. Morals? Well you get my drift.

But also, I don't think I was wearing anything too provocative so that can't be an excuse.

Today's holla count: 3
Who?: red polo chubster, sweaty pit stained man, construction worker
Clothing: brown tank top, jeans
Attitude: generally positive
Mindframe: like a fox
Hands: sweaty

Saturday, June 11, 2005


oh man.
is it weird to comment on the actual thing i'm posting to?
but let's just look at my blog. i still have those "edit me" things there. i have no pictures. my posts aren't very intriguing.
hee hee.
it'll get better.
i think. i'm not promising anything.

i want to see the "Lords of Dogtown".
Skaters, swoon. Do skater boys my age exist? If they do. I love you. Dude, let's skate.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

shows June 7 through June 12

Ooh Space travel, and other movement into the 21st Century...
I'm moving into the newest century and I am so excited.
I have a blog.
Oh technology you crazy fox.
So here goes, here are the shows I will be in this week:

Tuesday - June 7th @ 10 p.m.
Cheryl B. Presents:
The Poetry vs. Comedy Variety Show -
Poets and Comedians in the Ultimate Battle of Wits!

Emcee: Regie Cabico

The Poets:
Scotty The Blue Bunny
Nathan Penlington
Thaddeus Rutkowski

The Comedians:
Carolyn Castiglia
Jon Friedman
Becky Yamamoto

70 N. 6th St.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
For more info and to see the cool flyer:

Wednesday June 8
Ash Wednesday
Parkside Lounge
For this I will do a bit with Tony Carnevale. We will be Love Experts. Watch out heartbreakers!


Oh yay!

Thursday, June 8
Welcome To Our Week
Rififi (Cinema Classics)
Hosted by Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein


Sunday, June 12
"Say Goodnight Gracie Mansion"
An All-Star Evening of Alternative Comedy
Rally and petition-signing party for The Blog Party

Jon Friedman (The Rejection Show)
Bob Powers (
Todd Levin (
Michelle Collins (
Carolyn Castiglia
Becky Yamamoto
& special guests...

hosted by Blog Party Mayoral Candidate Andy Horwitz

Sunday, June 12 at Galapagos Art Space - 70 N. 6th Street. Williamsburg
Brooklyn NY USA

Doors at 8 pm
Show at 9pm