Saturday, June 11, 2005


oh man.
is it weird to comment on the actual thing i'm posting to?
but let's just look at my blog. i still have those "edit me" things there. i have no pictures. my posts aren't very intriguing.
hee hee.
it'll get better.
i think. i'm not promising anything.

i want to see the "Lords of Dogtown".
Skaters, swoon. Do skater boys my age exist? If they do. I love you. Dude, let's skate.


Baron said...

I'm not a skater boy. But I am a man. Is that good enough? I have absolutely no desire to see that movie, but if you want to go I'll go. L8r Skater! Haha! See how I did that? I put an 8 between the "l" and the "r" and I put the word skater! I invoked what you just wrote! I'm a master of synchronicity!!!

becky said...

you have skills with the words.
i have a secret love of avril lavigne's "s8r boi" even with the spelling. i think there's something wrong with me.
you're taking me to see "lords of dogtown". it's settled.

bam34 said...

i saw "Lords of Dogtown" this past weekend and it is GREAT! I mean it. It's really, really good. I wish every Hollywood summer movie were like it -- because it has a rhythm all it's own and it creates a world you can believe in, not anything generic. it rocks.

p.s. becky, this is Brian M. I'm glad you have a blog