Thursday, June 16, 2005

something from a couple days ago and also today

I need to catch you up on my non holla-ing news.

Two days ago while walking from the bus to the subway, I was in my own world listening to my ipod. I don't know what I was listening to. I think it was the Velvet Underground (is that lame to admit?) because I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and almost got hit by one car and then almost got hit by another huge huge yellow suv thing. I was very frightened, but I still got a coffee (an iced americano).
Does that count as a holla?

Yesterday, I didn't really leave the house. Kinda.

Today, in the deli, this one man in a blue polo and baseball hat said, "Hey Mami" while I went to pay for my gross egg and cheese on a roll.

holla count in the last three days: 2
outfits: Day 1: grey tshirt and black shorts
Day 2: black dress and navy hoodie
gross egg sandwiches: 1


lolita4life said...

Hey, thanks for the addy to your blog. You were great at Galapagos the other night..... wait... Rosie McDavis was.
You can count this as a "holla" i suppose, perhaps not. I don't really know holla ediquite.
Hope to see some more upcoming shows, yo.
----yours truly,
that stupid chick form the store that you bought $16 undies from. (see!, i TOLD you they were awesome)

becky said...

Lady, you were right. Those underwears were great. Underwears!