Monday, June 13, 2005

an experiment

So today while eating cheesesteaks with my friend Tony Carnevale, he asked if I got any comments from men on my way there, and in fact I had--two. Every woman in New York knows what I'm saying (sisters?-ew i'm lame).
I attract the hot ones.
One man who was a construction dude in a stylish but casual working vest asked how I was with a swagger and a wink. Another man sitting hotly in his sweat stained whitish t-shirt on a drain pipe leaning in his corner said "(kissing noise)".
On my way back to my office from lunch one chubstery man in a red polo shirt "psst"ed at me.
I don't think it's because I'm hottt stuff, I think it's just how summer works. The tank tops come on, and the morals go out the window. Morals? Well you get my drift.

But also, I don't think I was wearing anything too provocative so that can't be an excuse.

Today's holla count: 3
Who?: red polo chubster, sweaty pit stained man, construction worker
Clothing: brown tank top, jeans
Attitude: generally positive
Mindframe: like a fox
Hands: sweaty

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