Friday, June 30, 2006

I love you Man Man

I caught the flu somehow and for most of yesterday I was dead to the world, but it didn't stop me from fulfilling my destiny with the Fiery Furnaces. I drank that disgusting liquid Zicam and popped those magic crystals (found out the magic crystals were oscillococcinum) and trudged out in the rain to see the Fiery Furnaces. The Fiery Furnaces were live and very much in charge. I love electricity and rock. Together they are nice. Okay anyway, so yes, the Fiery Furnaces were amazing, yes, but ManMan, the opening act of the evening made my heart break a few times over. When I bought tickets a couple weeks ago and told my roommates that Man Man was opening, I said "ManMan, who's ManMan?" and all they said was "Oh you'll like ManMan". They predicted correctly, for it is true, I love ManMan. I don't think it's possible not to like ManMan. ManMan is a group of 5 guys who wear all white in the form of t-shirts, polo shirts, white pants, white boxers. It seems almost like they all just found what they each had in their wardrobe that happened to be white. A few of them were also wearing white face paint warrior style. And there they were situated in this kind of circle, the keyboardist and main singer, and drummer facing each other in front, and the three dudes in the back playing horns, glockenschpiels (a personal favorite--it makes me squeal like a little girl, no joke), a xylophone, a bass, a guitar, and other type instruments. God they're amazing. All the energy and jumping around and circus noises and everything. I don't even know. All I know is I love you Man Man.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

magic beads!

Today I started my day the way I usually do, with the drag and dread of having to stare at people and post-its (first I typed that as "postits" and that looks funny... like "post tits"...hmmn.) and computer screens. I felt that same drag today, but I should have suspected that something was wrong, because there was extra drag, like drag and a half. Around noon I felt something strange in my neck, I felt like an alien was making it's way out of my neck to jump into the world and terrorize it with it's sharp teeth and acid blood. It really hurt and I came to realize that my glands were swollen. Disgusting. My glands. Glands, ew. They make me think of pinkish red squishy things with bulbs and that grosses me out.
I started telling my coworkers about feeling sick, hoping if it got bad enough they'd say "Go home, you're sick!" but instead my coworker gave me this little vial filled with tiny little pebbles that tasted like sugar. She said she got it from the health food store. I have no idea what they were, but a few moments later and I feel like a new woman! A new woman I tell you! I can run and jump and even make a copy or two. Yeah, I'm skilled. So what?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

makeup in the subway

I'm not sure if it's rude to put on make up in the subway. I know I've seen something about how it's bad ettiquete in some girly magazine. I don't care that much, but it is weird to watch a woman look at herself in a tiny mirror and apply bronzer forever. This happened today on my subway ride to work. A tiny young woman stood in the middle of the subway gripping to the subway pole with her arm while she brushed bronzer on her pointy little face. It should not have mattered to me. I should not have cared, but for some reason I did care and I blame it on her snarky smile. I hate snarky smiles. She kept smiling at herself as she applied coat after coat of bronzer. How much bronzer does one woman need? This woman needed what seemed to be at least 30 coats. And that smile! That smug little snarky smile. As I continued trying not to stare but also stare, I realized this woman also had a severe case of camel toe! How could she stand there so smugly while she was exposing a part down there! I couldn't believe it. Pounds of bronzer being applied to a smug face and not to mention a severe case of camel toe! Somehow the two cancelled out each other and everything was just in the world, or at least in that subway car. Justice, sweet justice.