Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am back I am but am I

It's a strange place I am in. I feel like I'm a floating thing in the air, like a frisbee or something. Did I spell frisbee wrong? According to this spell check I have, but hell I don't care. frisbee. There it is again. Deal with it people. Wow I just got a little aggressive there. I think that is what happens when one floats too much. I just got back from Germany (because I am in a play written and directed by Young Jean Lee called "Songs" for short and it's fun but maybe you don't care about that, in which case, sure I understand you never asked why I was in Germany, but I thought I'd say what I was doing anyway cause that's what I'm in the business of doing, doing what I feel) and I think I'm unable to really absorb cultural things. All I can say is that indeed the hot dogs are better there. I'm sorry Minnesota. I know you pride yourself on your beer and bratwursts. But you'll have to sit in the backseat of the car of hot dog deliciousness. Did I just call a German wiener a hot dog? Yes, I did. I did that and you'll have to deal. There I go with my floaty behavior again. But I'm serious about sausage and hot dogs. When I speak of these things I am not joking. I don't joke about sausage. I don't joke about intestines stuffed with meat parts that have been dressed in things such as herbs and fennel or whathaveyou. That's one word. whathaveyou. one word.