Wednesday, June 28, 2006

magic beads!

Today I started my day the way I usually do, with the drag and dread of having to stare at people and post-its (first I typed that as "postits" and that looks funny... like "post tits"...hmmn.) and computer screens. I felt that same drag today, but I should have suspected that something was wrong, because there was extra drag, like drag and a half. Around noon I felt something strange in my neck, I felt like an alien was making it's way out of my neck to jump into the world and terrorize it with it's sharp teeth and acid blood. It really hurt and I came to realize that my glands were swollen. Disgusting. My glands. Glands, ew. They make me think of pinkish red squishy things with bulbs and that grosses me out.
I started telling my coworkers about feeling sick, hoping if it got bad enough they'd say "Go home, you're sick!" but instead my coworker gave me this little vial filled with tiny little pebbles that tasted like sugar. She said she got it from the health food store. I have no idea what they were, but a few moments later and I feel like a new woman! A new woman I tell you! I can run and jump and even make a copy or two. Yeah, I'm skilled. So what?

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