Wednesday, November 16, 2005

a list of things i have sorted

Not to get all into one topic and then obsess over it but....

Here is a list of things I have sorted, and how I sorted each item.

1. Alphabetized jeans according to wash names.
(skills needed: a strong grasp of the alphabet.)
2. Sorted jeans according to manufacturer.
(This is almost turning into a resume. I didn't mean for that to happen, but
incidentally,if anyone is hiring, let me know.)
3. Picked out ugly jeans and put them into the trash
(You need a good eye for ugly jeans. A real good eye.)

1. Arranged files in an alphabetical order according to case name and case number.
(similar to skill set mentioned in "JEANS" no. 1)
2. Attached hand written labels and sometimes label maker labels to files.
3. Sorted through own personal opinions as to who was "right" in each case.

1. Found pieces of poo in life: the street, a field, a shoe.
2. Made piles according to color, texture and firmness: sometimes age of poo put into consideration.
3. Made labels with label maker for individual pieces of poo and sorted alphabetically. (some of my fave poo names were: coiny, furry, mike)

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Dan said...

sounds like you're "all sorted", then.

Comments = Comments + 1, baby!

Danny G