Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stickerbook takes pictures

Thursday the band that I am a proud member of, Stickerbook, took pictures. It was quite an event I tell you, quite an event. Costumes came out. Instruments were held. Poses were taken.

Sue Galloway

Eliza Skinner

Beard (sometimes keyboard)
(Jen Hammaker in the background)

Becky Poole
Saw and Accordian

Jen Hammaker
Theremin, Keys, fanny pack


Tony Powell said...

I'm sold! Where do I buy the CD?

becky poole said...

it looks like i have a pedestrian crossing tiara on! wee!

Anonymous said...

wow you look great with a beard. how come you never wore one at mudd? haha. . i just have been watching the burg! so funny! i was surprised when i saw you walk up as a stock broker! how exciting!