Sunday, May 07, 2006

i thought i saw a stroke

Yesterday, while casually walking through the city, I swear I saw a Stroke. He was a tall, handsome man with skinny jeans, an unassuming white t-shirt and legs that wouldn't quit. Woo wee. I don't know. He looked like a Stroke and I thought it was one. This morning I was disappointed to find it wasn't one (I went to their official website). What a jerk I am. I just assume all skinny tall cute men are a part of the Strokes. What a jerk.


Carolyn said...

AH! I thought you meant you thought you saw someone having a stroke! But you meant a Stroke! Ah!


Richard said...

That's fuuny, 'cuz every time I see a guy like the one you describe, I say, "Yep, there goes a Knack" or, to be more precise, "Jeez, that guy looks Knackered". Perhaps it's my age.