Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my favorite childhood memory

So yesterday I had an audition for something where they separated us into groupings according to race, which is always fun. I was in the Asian woman category and there we sat. A row of Asian women. We were escorted to a room and told to recount our favorite childhood memory. (this could have been a dangerous question. What if they asked a child from the Industrial Revolution about a favorite childhood memory? That kid would have to say, "Sir it was the one day I had to play on the grass, when I was six". But I guess kids during the Industrial Revolution didn't audition for commercials.) Luckily us Asian ladies had some good memories.

The girl next to me, an authentic Japanse girl from Japan, talked about this story she was told as a kid about how there is a rabbit that lives in the moon that makes mochi. I love that. I can see that little rabbit now smooshing mochi by himself in an apron. That was maybe my favorite story out of the bunch.
This was my favorite memory:
I used to love rabbits. What kid didn't? Am I right? (funny there's a rabbit theme here)
When I was eight, my mom brought home two bunnies, Floppy and Fluffy who almost immediately after they arrived, made babbies. A month or so after Floppy and Fluffy settled in, there were eight more bunnies in our home. One night after staring at them for hours, I noticed one baby bunny slipped out of the cage. My dad built the hutch so there were a couple small gaps. I'm not saying he was a bad craftsman. I'm just saying there were some gaps is all. Well so I picked up the miniature baby rabbit and brought it to safety. I saved a life. It is perhaps the best thing I have done for mankind in my entire life. The only thing is that it wasn't for mankind. It was rabbitkind. Oh well, it's close, right?

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