Saturday, April 22, 2006

the smell of corn

I think corn chips are delicious. I enjoy them. I wish that in the summer my feet as well as most people's feet didn't smell like them. I mean, I'm disgusting for thinking about this longer than I need to but is it worth it? Is it worth the smell of cornchips to eat them? All I think about is the smell and it always smells like feet, but corn chips are delicious. They make that sandwich extra special. When I was a kid this girl in my class always put corn chips in her ham sandwich. Very smart, very very smart. I wish I had invented that. I bet somewhere in America they're selling that sandwich as a little thing people can laugh at. "Hey, how original we are. We put chips IN the sandwich, that way people don't need to get their hands messy by picking up those greasy greasy chips. Aren't we amazing and inventive people?" I would say yes, but I knew a girl in grade school who did that way before you even thought of it. She's the OG of the chips in sandwich. Don't even try to steal her thunder, you haters.

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Brandy For Sale. said...

I think cats have a sort of Fritos smell. I am very fond of this and often sniff their heads, right between their ears, if they permit such bold displays of affection.