Friday, April 07, 2006

pants don't fit

This is a throwback to the olden times when boys wore their pants very low and some claimed they saw the underwear.
And they did.
All four of them wearing very low pants. Perhaps this is nothing new nor is it anything fantasmical. It's just cute and funny. I had a little laugh about it all. Look at those pants man, they're low. Look at that. What are they doing with those low pants? How do they run? Do they find a need to run? Who would they be running to and why? I have so many questions about this all.


Carolyn said...

Becky's on the blog! Low pants still rule in East Harlem. Especially on the girls.

Richard said...

Ah, low-slung denim. It's all to show the ladies what kind of underwear one wears, you know. I, however, prefer to walk up to prospective partners wearing an ordinary pair of 501s and shouting "Calvins!" at the top of my voice. I am still single - but it's not me, it's them.