Thursday, July 13, 2006

Backstage Pass

The Fabulous Entourage! Live at the Knitting Factory! This pic was taken from backstage. That's right, I was backstage at the Knitting Factory. Did I mention I'm a huge nerd and I was so giddy about being back stage?

Last night I got to help co host the Fabulous Entourage show with my pal Tony Carnevale. I still can't completely handle the fact that I was backstage at the Knitting Factory. For a moment I imagined it was 1989 and we were backstage at a New Kids on the Block concert and Jordan Knight had run backstage in between songs to get a towel to wipe youthful sweat from his brow after doing many many Roger Rabbits and Cabbage Patch Kids (the dance moves--just in case you were thinking something else), only to gaze at me and say "Girl this song is for you", and he'd hand me a rose, take off his shirt and then run back onstage again just in time to sing "My Favorite Girl" with that amazing falsetto that made me piss myself. Fortunately his voice doesn't do that to me any more. It was a problem.

Hey, look at this picture I took of the audience. Look at that couple in the back to the left. They look very constipated. Right after this picture was taken, men and women jumped on stage and showed us their hotness in wet shirts...a great American tradition. George Washington himself said "A man that can wear a wet t-shirt is a man I like". I wish he said that. I'm sure he said things like that. I hear he was quite the jokester. Anyway, I saw some nip but the T Shirts were dark in color and I had to point to the nips with my fingers and then the sound guy had to bring the lights up and then we had to bring magnifying glasses out. Yes, it seemed this batch of folk had tiny areola. It was innocent harmless fun I tell ya.

I am sorry that I do not have pictures of the contestants. I did see four pair of areola and some great boobs both male and female. The ultimate winner of the contest was a lady named Asia. I promise there was no favoritism even though my ancestors did in fact live in Asia and I am Asian, and enjoy Asian food, and Asian folk are my peeps, and Asians invented brick candy. Asia (the person, not the continent) said a funny. She said her name really was Asia and she wasn't saying that just because she was standing next to me. I laughed and then pretended to be offended. It was all part of the act. Later I knifed her.

Jen Hammaker rockin out to the tunes. She dances like a gazelle.

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2na said...

I like that you knifed her -- if it means anything that is.