Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy independence

Happy 4th of July!
Here is my friend Tom making friends with the local drunk. Guess who's drunker? Hard to tell, really. I must say it has been a pretty good 4th. Watching the fireworks and seeing real fire being consumed and licked by a man. I stood mere inches from this man and his fire. (it sounds more exciting than it is.) I was told he was in a PBS commercial by a woman named Lola. A real live Lola. Also there was another woman there, I won't mention her nationality, (she might have been Chinese--I'm not saying a word because I am also half Chinese but I think my mom who is also Chinese, might have something to say, but I won't say the thing that my mom might say about people from China, because it's offensive and wrong but maybe in this case true.) but while I went to talk with a friend, I stupidly left my sausage unattended. While my back was turned this woman took said sausage and ate it, bun and all. She was also rumored to have taken my roommate's sausage from the grill in addition to another one of my sausages from the grill. Later she was seen pocketing large beers and a large bag of chips. Later I saw her with a very cute baby and I wondered if that was her child. I seemed to have remembered coming to the party with a small baby...But besides that, I saw quite a bit of fire on Independence Day.

This guy was not kidding.
He was for real. He ate the fire right in front of us with no shame. Proud of the flames. He even touched my shoulder with one of his fiery mitts. It was an experience to be had on our great nation's celebration of independence, even if this fire eater dude was Scottish.

Here is a leg posing/resting moment. It was discovered that posing with one leg on a porch and leaving one on the ground gave some rest to your lower back. Please try it at home. Notice our hot legs. Also notice the differences in size, texture, and color. Oh people are different.


fire man.

The End.

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