Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summery and Sunned

In the Summer time da da dee dee dee dee.
I love the summer. I was chatting online with my cousin and she asked me where I was going on holiday this summer (she is using that British term! Oh the Brits!). I really should make plans to go somewhere, but for now there are some times to be had and some sights to be seen in the city. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last few days...

This is the current Marc Jacobs window. The children of the future all wear Marc Jacobs. They are better dressed than you can ever hope to be and they're all very happy about it. This is the army of the future. Marc has created them and they will destroy you with their little porcelain hands. They care little of what you love or hope for. They are here for souls and human blood.

Look at this cute lil box of wine. An adult juice box. Very pretty in color and delicious! Perfect for parties or when you're on the go! You know the times when you want to get drunk, but you're sitting with a glass of wine and you feel so hindered cause really you just want to take that glass of wine and walk around town, but you don't want to face the stares when you walk into the market with your pesky glass. Now you can gallivant around town unhindered and go about your business. Thank you the makers of baby box wine! Thank you.

Yay Les Savy Fav. Good fun music and free! There's nothing like things that are free and good. It's like someone handed you a piece of scrumptious chocolate cake and said "Eat, enjoy!" and you're like "What? Are there needles in this? Has someone hidden pieces of poo in here?" And the person is like "No, go for it!" and it's delicious and you're happy and fat and full and you drink a glass of vitamin D whole milk, sit on your couch in your underwear and fall asleep satisfied with a bit of drool on your chin.
Oh in the Summer time la la di da di dah.

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